In the world of HVAC services, collaborations can sometimes feel as exciting as the release of a summer blockbuster. And in Southern California, the HVAC scene has been set alight with the latest merger between Marathon HVAC Services and Design Air. This partnership, which extends Marathon’s influence under the strategic guidance of Sound Partners, holds invaluable lessons for HVAC business owners.

Geographical Expansion is Gold

One of the most immediate benefits of Marathon’s acquisition of Design Air is the expanded geographic coverage. With Design Air’s stronghold in the Inland Empire added to Marathon’s presence in Los Angeles, this acquisition essentially increases the territory, offering a broader customer base and potential for more significant revenue streams. It’s a clear sign that a well-calculated acquisition can break geographic barriers and open doors to fresh markets.

Diversification Amplifies Capabilities

Adding plumbing and electrical services to Marathon’s offering is an astute move. Diversification, as many HVAC business owners will attest, not only offers additional streams of revenue but also ensures the company can meet varied customer needs under one roof. By bringing these services under the Marathon banner, they effectively become a one-stop-shop for homeowners.

Harnessing Legacy and Leadership

Design Air isn’t just any acquisition. It’s a family business with a history spanning two decades. By retaining the expertise of founder Paul Davidson and his daughter, Megan Davidson, Marathon benefits from a wealth of experience. Legacy companies often bring a depth of trust, community ties, and refined operational strategies.

Shared Values Strengthen Bonds

Both companies emphasize the importance of family values in their operations. Megan Davidson’s recognition of shared principles between Design Air and Marathon solidifies the merger’s foundation. When businesses align in ethos, the transition becomes smoother, fostering an environment of shared growth and mutual respect.

The Power of Aiding and Abetting

Sound Partners’ involvement in this merger cannot be understated. Their history of nurturing businesses, particularly family-owned ones, through transitional phases has given Marathon the impetus to make strategic decisions, like the acquisition of Design Air. Having an experienced partner like Sound can guide businesses through mergers with precision, ensuring that integrations are smooth and value-driven.

Growth Doesn’t Cease at Mergers

Marathon’s plans to continue hiring skilled HVAC technicians underscores their vision for sustained growth. Mergers and acquisitions can sometimes lead to stagnation, but Marathon’s forward momentum is a testament to their dedication to service excellence and creating opportunities for their team.


The collaboration between Marathon HVAC Services and Design Air, supported by Sound Partners, offers HVAC business owners a masterclass in strategic growth. From geographical expansion, diversification of services, embracing legacy leadership, aligning on shared values, to ensuring continual growth post-merger – this partnership has it all. As Marathon continues its journey, the HVAC industry watches with bated breath, eager to witness the next chapter in this epic tale of growth and collaboration.

tl;dr: Marathon HVAC Services, backed by Sound Partners, has strategically acquired Design Air to expand its reach in Southern California. This move not only boosts geographical coverage but also diversifies Marathon’s service offerings into plumbing and electrical sectors. Retaining the expertise of Design Air’s family leadership ensures continuity, trust, and shared values. The merger is a masterclass for HVAC businesses, emphasizing the importance of strategic expansion, diversification, and the benefits of merging with legacy companies with aligned values.

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