In an era where efficiency and technological advancement are interwoven, Fujitsu General Australia and Nube iO have taken a giant leap towards reshaping how HVAC systems function and interact with commercial and industrial infrastructures. The launch of their new solution, anywAiR iO, marks the dawn of a significant shift in smart building solutions, promising to redefine standards for HVAC cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

A Pioneering Collaboration

Fujitsu General Australia’s longstanding acumen in air conditioning has combined with Nube iO’s innovative prowess, culminating in the birth of anywAiR iO. This revolutionary Wi-Fi and IoT-based control system marries superior air conditioning methodologies with the groundbreaking capabilities of IoT, aiming to overhaul the way we perceive the confluence of technology and indoor ambiance.

Understanding the Heart of anywAiR iO

Central to the anywAiR iO system is the Rubix Compute, an avant-garde IoT gateway that stands out with its multilingual data aggregation capabilities. It’s designed to interconnect with a wide spectrum of sensors, encompassing both wired and wireless types. Further enhancing the system’s functionalities are the integrated Rubix iO modules, Micro Edge, and Droplet Sensors. These integral components are key players in ensuring a constant stream of data acquisition, forming the bedrock for informed, intelligent decisions.

By mastering the art of HVAC control and optimization, the anywAiR iO solution showcases its prowess in managing a gamut of HVAC entities. Whether it’s VRF systems, rooftop package units, split systems, or even car park exhausts and valves, the system’s superior sensors remain vigilant. Their primary function lies in early detection of anomalies, ensuring that any possible inefficiencies or disruptions are caught in their nascent stages. The result? Notable reductions in energy consumption and enhanced system longevity.

Venturing Beyond HVAC

But the ingenuity of anywAiR iO doesn’t stop with HVAC management. Its potential stretches into IoT Space Utilization. By employing non-invasive monitoring methodologies, the system can discern occupancy patterns, register changes in door states, and even gauge levels in storage units such as bins and water reservoirs. For facility managers, these insights are invaluable. They provide a roadmap to meticulously plan maintenance schedules and ascertain the most opportune operating intervals.

Universal Accessibility

An added feather in anywAiR iO’s cap is its user-friendly dashboard. Tailored to cater to the needs of modern-day professionals, this dashboard can be accessed universally. Whether you’re using a browser, or whether you’re at the office, at home, or on-the-go, an overarching view of the entire building management system is merely a click away.


For HVAC business owners, understanding and potentially integrating systems like AnywAiR iO can be a game-changer. Not only does it signal an alignment with contemporary technological advancements, but it also underscores a commitment to efficiency, sustainability, and forward-thinking strategies. In the competitive landscape of HVAC, such innovations can very well be the differentiating factor that sets a business apart.

TL;DR: Fujitsu General Australia and Nube iO introduce anywAiR iO, a cutting-edge Wi-Fi and IoT-based control system, designed to revolutionize HVAC management in commercial and industrial buildings. The system offers cost and energy efficiencies by optimizing HVAC operations and maintenance. Central to this system is the Rubix Compute, a gateway that aggregates data from various sensors. Beyond HVAC, the solution also monitors occupancy and storage levels, providing invaluable insights for facility management. Accessible universally via its dashboard, anywAiR iO sets the new standard in smart building solutions.


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