The field of HVAC is not just about providing comfort anymore; it’s about doing so intelligently and sustainably. One example of this evolution is the recent collaboration between Manchester’s Pilot Group and the global HVAC giant, Reznor. This partnership underscores the importance for HVAC company owners to be at the forefront of integrating and embracing emerging technology.

The Power of Synergy in Tech Collaboration

Pilot Group’s state-of-the-art Energy Management System (EMS) is set to be exclusively paired with Reznor’s top-tier HVAC equipment, culminating in the creation of the NOVA EMS. This system combines the best of both worlds: Reznor’s advanced heating technologies and Pilot Group’s smart system that optimizes building energy outputs.

Such collaborations epitomize the future of the HVAC industry. As HVAC company owners, being open to technological partnerships can leverage the strengths of different entities, leading to innovative solutions that meet modern-day challenges.

Real-World Benefits for Business Owners

The NOVA EMS isn’t just about high-end tech integration; it’s about palpable benefits for businesses. Particularly for those operating in industry buildings, warehouses, factories, or retail spaces, the system offers significant energy savings and enhanced comfort levels. With Pilot Group’s EMS known for reducing energy bills by an impressive 43% annually, this partnership is set to offer an all-encompassing heating system controlled via cutting-edge technology.

Smart Monitoring & Control for Maximized Efficiency

The integration of smart sensors and a self-learning algorithm is where the future of HVAC is headed. With Pilot Group’s EMS, sensors placed throughout different zones in a building relay data back to a central control panel. This real-time communication ensures heaters can adjust their operations accordingly.

Moreover, the added advantage of cloud-backed data means that users can not only monitor but also strategize energy outputs remotely. Whether it’s a smartphone or a laptop, controlling and optimizing a building’s HVAC system has never been easier.

An Investment That Pays Off

Pilot Group’s commitment to innovation is evident from their £500K investment into the EMS division last year. The results? A staggering savings of over £1 million for UK companies in energy costs in just 12 months. This, combined with Reznor’s heaters, underscores a proposition where the energy savings could have businesses seeing a return on their investment within a few short years.

Addressing the Energy Cost Concern

The persistent rise in energy bills is a looming concern for businesses globally. With collaborations like that of Pilot Group and Reznor, businesses are presented with viable solutions to combat these escalating costs. Lee Morgan, the EMS managing director at Pilot Group, perfectly encapsulated the essence of this partnership, emphasizing its proactive approach to reduce energy output, ultimately leading to substantial savings.

The Larger Vision: Sustainable HVAC Solutions

Both Pilot Group and Reznor have track records that speak volumes. With Pilot Group’s focus on carbon reduction and energy efficiency and Reznor’s long-standing reputation for sustainable HVAC solutions, their collaboration is more than just business. It’s about crafting a sustainable future and improving the spaces we inhabit.


The dynamic partnership between Pilot Group and Reznor is a testament to where the HVAC industry is headed. For HVAC company owners, it’s a clear signal: the future belongs to those who seamlessly integrate and harness the power of evolving technology. Embracing these changes not only promises business growth but also contributes to a more sustainable and efficient world.

TL;DR: Manchester’s Pilot Group has joined forces with global HVAC leader, Reznor, to produce the NOVA EMS, a state-of-the-art energy management system. This collaboration aims to drastically reduce energy bills for businesses, with potential savings of 43% annually. The system combines advanced heating technologies with smart sensors and a self-learning algorithm for optimized efficiency. This partnership emphasizes the critical importance of integrating emerging technology in the HVAC industry, offering a glimpse into the future of sustainable and intelligent heating solutions.


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