The HVAC industry’s success hinges not only on the current crop of professionals but also on those yet to enter its ranks. It is with this future-forward vision that Carrier Enterprise (CE) has announced its partnership with SkillsUSA, aiming to fortify the next generation of HVAC/R professionals.

CE and SkillsUSA: Forging Ahead Together

Carrier Enterprise’s dedication to the HVAC/R community extends well beyond providing top-notch equipment. By partnering with SkillsUSA, CE is making a clear statement about its commitment to supporting the development of the next wave of industry experts. SkillsUSA is a revered national education association that focuses on preparing students, right from middle school to college, for promising careers in trade, technical, and skilled service occupations.

This alliance was manifested prominently in the 2023 SkillsUSA TECHSPO Trade Show. Sponsored and supported by CE, this trade show became a fertile ground for aspiring HVAC/R students to demonstrate their growing expertise. Being an integral part of such an impactful event is a testament to CE’s dedication to enriching the industry’s future.

Carrier Enterprise: A Legacy of Nurturing Talent

While the partnership with SkillsUSA is a recent feather in CE’s cap, the company’s endeavors to uplift the HVAC/R community span years. A notable initiative is the CE Trainee Program. Tailored for novices with a passion for the HVAC/R domain, this program spans approximately two years. Trainees undergo comprehensive training, equipping them with the tools and expertise required to excel in various roles within CE.

Sandy Porzucek, SVP of Human Resources at CE, underscores this commitment. She notes, “CE is thoroughly aligned with SkillsUSA’s noble mission. Our CE Trainee Program emanates from the same zeal—to support and mold students who envision a career in the HVAC/R arena.”

Shining a Light on SkillsUSA

CE’s pride in associating with SkillsUSA stems from a deep respect for the latter’s mission. Since its inception in 1965, SkillsUSA has been a beacon for students aspiring to delve into HVAC/R and other skilled trades. Representing almost 400,000 career and technical education students and educators, SkillsUSA spans from middle and high schools to higher educational institutions globally.

With its undying emphasis on refining students’ abilities and keeping them updated with industry advancements, SkillsUSA is constructing a robust workforce for the upcoming generations. Their substantial positive influence on the trades is undeniable, and their partnership with CE only augments the promise of a brighter HVAC/R future.


For HVAC company owners, Carrier Enterprise’s alliance with SkillsUSA is more than just news—it’s an invaluable resource. By fostering the next generation of HVAC professionals, the industry is set on a path of sustained growth and innovation. Ensuring that your technicians and future recruits are aware of such opportunities is crucial in maintaining a competitive edge and nurturing a knowledgeable workforce.

tl;dr: Carrier Enterprise (CE) has joined forces with SkillsUSA to bolster the upcoming generation of HVAC/R professionals. This partnership was showcased at the 2023 SkillsUSA TECHSPO Trade Show, reflecting CE’s long-standing commitment to the HVAC community. Alongside this, CE’s Trainee Program aids new entrants in the industry. SkillsUSA, since 1965, has been aiding students in skilled trades, making this partnership a significant stride towards a robust future for the HVAC/R sector.


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