New line promises to revolutionize the HVACR industry with its innovative design and functionality.

Product Overview
Fieldpiece Instruments, a pioneering manufacturer of HVACR tools, has introduced its latest line of HVACR hoses and fittings. The collection encompasses two primary hoses: charging and vacuum, complemented by an array of accessories and diverse fittings tailored to HVACR charging, recovery, and evacuation tasks.

Embracing Innovation
Jeb Ball, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Fieldpiece Instruments, said

“Every Fieldpiece product is designed to make the HVACR pro’s job easier, faster and better – and our new hose line is no exception…Our A2L-compatible, black hoses can withstand extreme use, and their unique color tagging system increases versatility in the field by making hoses easy to identify and customize.”

Redefining Hose Standards
Moving away from the conventional yellow, blue, and red hoses, Fieldpiece’s new universal black hoses redefine practicality. These hoses, equipped with a novel color tagging system, are tailored to reduce the number of spares professionals need to carry and decrease potential misidentification errors.

Design Highlights
Fieldpiece’s hoses are designed for maximum durability and efficiency:

  • Flexible for tight spaces
  • Resistant to UV and oil damage
  • Triple-ring crimped fittings for enhanced reliability

The triple-ring design, in particular, marks a notable departure from traditional single-crimp or hex-crimp fittings, promising increased longevity with fewer leak instances.

Safety and Compliance
Ensuring adherence to industry norms, all hoses are UL 1963-compliant and align with standards like SAE J2196, SAE J2888, and SAE J513. They are constructed to withstand a 4000 psi burst pressure and an 800 psi working pressure.

Availability and Options
Charging hoses are available both individually and in 3-packs, with vacuum hoses sold separately. The product lineup also boasts a range of accessories, from hose extensions to split system adapters.

More Information
Detailed insights into the new lineup can be accessed via Fieldpiece’s official website. For procurement, HVACR professionals can reach out to their nearest Fieldpiece distributor.


Fieldpiece Instruments has launched a new line of HVACR hoses and fittings, offering two types of hoses: charging and vacuum, with versatile accessories. These A2L-compatible hoses come in a universal black color but can be easily identified using a color tagging system, enhancing fieldwork efficiency. Key features include durability against UV and oil exposure, a unique triple-ring crimped fitting for increased reliability, low-loss and knurled brass fittings, and a safety-enhanced ball valve knob design. All hoses meet industry standards and are available in various sizes and configurations. Check Fieldpiece’s website for more details.


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